About Us
Therapy Tails Ontario (TTO) is a non-profit charity, relying solely on the
donations and the support of the communities that we serve. Everyday
thousands of people throughout Ontario are in need of some type of therapy. TTO offers caring, understanding, companionship and guidance – all without judgment. On a daily basis many elderly people, people with special needs, chronic care patients and children enjoy a better standard of living and therapeutic relief because of our dedicated team of volunteers. Our volunteers include the four legged, well disciplined, gentle, furry coated, wiggly bummed dogs, who accompany their owners to these visits.

Our ever increasing membership allows Therapy Tails Ontario to expand, both geographically and with the types of programs that we can offer. With the support of these members, and with the dedication of our valued community partners, we are becoming more visible and able to bring happiness to a greater number of Ontarians.