About Us
Therapy Tails Ontario is a non-proft charity relying solely on donations and the support of communities we serve. Everyday thousands of people throughout Ontario are in need of therapy, care, understanding, companionship, and guidance. On a daily basis many elderly, special needs, chronic care patients, and children are fortunate enough to enjoy a better standard of living and therapeutic relief because of our dedicated team of volunteers. Not only well disciplined, caring, devoted, gentle and absolutely necessary to the development and recovery of thousands of people but over 200 of our volunteers have fur and a wiggly bum! Through our positive approach and ever increasing membership Therapy Tails Ontario is continually increasing our programs. Garnering the support of strong and dedicated volunteers along with infuential community partners has helped further our ever reaching agenda. Encompassing all of Ontario thousands of people interaction a daily basis with our amazing teams. From children to senior citizens our teams fit into the volunteer landscape of Ontario effortless!