So you want to join our team?

Pet Requirements

    Dogs are preferred to be one (1) year of age or older (exceptions can be made).
    All breeds accepted
    Be owned by and have lived with their handler for a minimum of three (3) months.
    Have up-to-date vaccinations for rabies.
    Be clean, healthy and well groomed (odor free, nails clipped and filed, teeth brushed).
    Be friendly, social and enjoy meeting new people.
    No retractable leashes
    Prong collars are allowed if fitted properly

Handler Requirements

    Be at least Eighteen (18) years’ old.
    Able to interact on a computer
    Submit to a vulnerable sector police check at your cost
    Provide and comply with pet vaccination requirements.
    Commit to a regular volunteer visiting schedule.
    Processing Fee: 2024 $100. includes uniform, membership fee for next year, photo id
If all this sounds good then please email us and ask to be concidered for the next round of evaluations
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