Serving: Niagara, Hamilton & Burlington Area
Therapy Tails Ontario (TTO) is a non-profit charity, whose Dog Therapy Program
makes a proven contribution to our communities.  TTO maintains a positive,
professional and necessary footprint in the volunteer sector of Ontario, achieving extraordinary results.

Therapy Tails Ontario was built on the premise that when something is done for
the right reasons it cannot fail. Wonderful volunteers, with equally wonderful
dogs, go into our communities to visit, to care, to listen and to mentor. TTO is
also involved with many outreach programs, which are diverse, but so important.
These visits are all to help make lives better. The people we reach, whose days
we brighten, are all grateful for the time we spend with them. Whatever the
purpose for our visits, our teams are there to make a positive difference in the
lives of others, and always with a smile and a dog in tow! To be honest, our visits
bring joy into our lives, as well.

You will see TTO members all around Ontario in the coming months. As well as
visits, we love to do parades, special events, walkathons for worthy causes, and
to partner with other charities. We are a lively, visible, and varied group of
people, so please say hello when you see us. Our dogs are not at all shy and love
the attention that is showered upon them. Alas, as handlers we are fully aware
that nobody will ever remember our names, and that we are merely there because
most of our dogs are not tall enough to drive themselves to these events!
last updated June 2024
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